ALL 4 UPG is...

ALL 4 UPG Inc.is organized exclusively for religious, charitable, scientific, literary or educational purposes, within the meaning of Section 501(c)(3) of the Internal Revenue Code of 1986, as amended or corresponding section of any future tax code, and regulations thereunder. Specifically, it is a faith-based charitable Corporation and organized for the purpose of:


  1. supporting poor, indigenous pastors and workers to proclaim the gospel and initiate church-planting movements, developing communities among the unreached people groups;

  2. working in an integrated, non-competitive manner in conjunction with and in the service of local churches, fellowships, other ministries or other care/instruction/assistance organizations throughout the world in seeking to accomplish and fulfill its afore-stated purposes;

  3. organizing and mobilizing persons from churches, fellowships, schools and other groups throughout the “developed” world in going to other parts of the “underdeveloped” world as servant workers, to wholistically improving the lives of hurting and impoverished people of other cultures and beliefs; and

  4. providing coaching, mentoring, and education to indigenous pastors and national church members and maintaining sustainable programs in unreached areas to promote self-sufficiency and development in communities.


Mobilization and Education

of Christians to work and pray for Unreached People

All 4 UPG seeks partnerships with churches in North America and throughout the world to work holistically to help churches in unreached areas have a broad impact across societies and cultures, with initiatives in evangelism, education, health, anti-trafficking, community development, agriculture, disaster relief, and creation care. Furthermore, it seeks the mobilization and education of Christians to pray for the world with God’s love.

Coaching, Mentorship,

and Providing Education for the Unreached People

ALL 4 UPG plans to provide Bible storytelling and church planting training for indigenous national pastors in underdeveloped countries to provide a pastoral education. This training will be done by partnering and cooperating with pastoral training mission agencies, local church pastors, training volunteers, and pastoral training professionals. Through these trainings, indigenous national pastors can plant churches and provide community development programs in unreached areas they are targeting.


of missionaries, indigenous national pastors, and churches

ALL 4 UPG will begin to sponsor missionaries, indigenous national pastors, or their churches with financial support, education, prayer, and materials(i.e. food, construction materials, medication, etc.). We desires to provide funding to support the work of missionaries and national pastors to develop their communities. We believe one of the most effective ways of carrying out our mission of helping the poor among unreached people is to provide support and aid to those currently working in unreached areas.


life changing mission experiences by short-term mission trips to the world

ALL 4 UPG will conduct the missionary trips to the Unreached People Groups areas and it is doing religious activities in other countries. All the missionary trips’ activities will be of a religious and charitable nature (i.e., visiting families and inviting them to come to Church, Bible classes, pastoral training, health education, sustainable programming, etc.). During the missionary trips, the members will assess the material needs of the people and communities where the Church authorities assign them to work and then offer material help.

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