We share the Gospel and plant a church among the Unreached People Groups!

Where We Are Working

Issan, Thailand(New Project)

In Thailand, there is a population of 69.5 million people, among whom only 0.75% are evangelical Christians. Despite being one of the safest and most open countries in Asia, Thailand has the lowest evangelization rate and with 94% of villages having no churches. This means that more than 89% of the Thai people are considered unreached with the gospel, with Buddhism being the dominant religion, embraced by 93% of the population. Northeast Thailand (Issan) is one of the most unreached areas, where less than 0.2% of the population professes faith in Christ.

South Asia

There are still two billion individuals worldwide who remain unaware of the gospel, primarily due to a lack of outreach efforts. Our objective is to spread the gospel to every population and plant churches, even in areas where it has never been preached before. We are actively engaging with people groups and villages that have no existing churches, igniting the spirit of missions within these communities. It’s worth noting that India and Nepal are home to the largest concentrations of Unreached Peoples (UPG) globally. The spiritual transformation of South Asia is pivotal in accomplishing our mission of worldwide evangelism.


Africa is grappling with the devastating impact of poverty and disease. Tragically, over 1 million lives are lost annually to malaria, Ebola, and the coronavirus. What adds to the sorrow is the fact that many souls perish without ever having the chance to hear the Gospel, simply because it is not being preached to them.
Undeterred by the challenges, we have embarked on a courageous journey, pioneering in areas where spreading the Gospel seemed impossible due to various obstacles. One such endeavor involved preaching the Gospel and establishing a church in a remote village nestled within the jungle. We are also committed to equipping local ministers, empowering them to evangelize their own communities and nurture believers.
Moreover, we are actively developing programs that promote self-sustainability by providing resources like sheep, goats, cows, chickens, and ducks. The people of this land not only require the Gospel but also need to experience the boundless love of God.

What We Do


Reaching the Unreached People Groups by active and transferable evangelism methods.


Equipping pastors and lay leaders for effective, contextual ministry.

Church Planting

Planting a new church where it does not yet exist. 

Self-Sufficient Project

Providing the necessary resources and skills to sustain the indigenous leaders and church’s needs without external assistance. 

Pandemic Project

In the midst of Covid-19, churches and indigenous pastors faced significant risks and challenges. We have taken immediate action to provide emergency assistance.

Malaria Project

Each year, malaria claims the lives of over 1 million people. To combat this disease, we are actively implementing curative medicine and malaria prevention projects with local churches.